The times call for new ways of acting collectively for a world we all want to belong to. MomoLogue promotes expertise in acting collectively for a future we all want to be part of.

MomoLogue stands for:

  • From ego to eco system – Future-proof solutions for the world as a whole.
  • Leading from the emerging future – New ways of working require individuals and collectives to master openness, compassion and the ability to balance strong principles with flexibility.
  • A leader in every chair – Only collective action can address today’s challenges and everyone has a leadership role.

MomoLogue can support your team or organisation in:

  • acting collectively
    • initiating communities of change
    • empowering action groups
    • designing engagement processes
  • shaping your team’s or your organisation’s future
    • from joint visioning to action planning
    • priority setting
    • future orientation
    • sensing journeys
  • building the individual and collective competencies in interaction
    • leadership skills
    • new ways of working
    • learning accross teams and organisations
    • communities of practice

For the social objectives of the organisation and for further details see the Constitution.

For finances please see Company tax return for the tax year 2018.


CONTACT:  ralf.otto@momologue.be   +32 474 670 676