MomoLogue stands for

  • a people centered view of the world
  • the conviction that only collective action can address the challenges of tomorrow
  • a dialogic way of working



  • is an internationally working social company (société à finalité sociale)
  • externally accompanies groups and organisations on their various ways into the future
  • promotes approaches and methodologies leading to the engagement of those who go along these paths


MomoLogue offers

  • opportunities to listen
  • support in building relationships
  • the enhancement of trust among partners


MomoLogue promotes effective interactions for working together:

  • Dialogue in teams and large groups
  • Joint visioning and common strategy
  • Participatory learning
  • Teambuilding and networking 


For the social objectives of the organisation and for further details see the Constitution.

For finances please see the 2016 company tax return and annual accounts.


CONTACT:  ralf.otto@momologue.be   +32 474 670 676