Training in Leadership – Programme Overview

Training in Leadership – Programme Overview

3-Day Programme Overview

Inspired by Presencing/Theory U, Deep Ecology – The Work that reconnects, and Non-violent Communication. During the training we will practice Circle Work, Mindfulness, co-creative facilitation and we love to use Open Space Technology, 3D Modelling, Social Presencing Theatre, Appreciative Inquiry and much more.



Regeneration and Beingness
Community building Who is here and how are we? What are we seeking to accomplish in our work?
Sensing journey Why is regenerative leadership so necessary today?
Letting go of usual attitude What baggage do we need to drop? What do we need to un-learn?
Spaceholder: Purpose Where do we feel the opening of future possibilities?


Application and practice
Letting come What kind of being do I want to practice to take care of a regenerative functioning of my team?
Learning landscape: attitude, topic, skill What practices do I want to use in order to tap into my highest potential? What skills do I want to transform?


More Application and Feedback
Practicing the tools, skills, attitudes How are our practices related to a future for us all to thrive together? Where are we contributing to the commons?
Giving and receiving feedback How can we best support each other as a regenerative leadership community?
Stepping into the future What are our most important next steps? Who needs to be involved to make it work?