Design and facilitation of team events and inter-agency workshops

Events for staff working in complex-, mutli-stakeholder environments with the aim of mutual understanding, joint context analysis and joint action (various clients including European Commission, Non-governmental organisations and private sector)

Training seminars “The Art of Facilitation and Leading from the emerging future”

Interactive learning seminars on how collective leadership brings innovative change to your team, organisation and life. Including a real-life practical exercise with the design of a workshop for a partner organisation.

Organisational Development

Facilitator of a two-year action-oriented learning initiative in organisational development for a network of European aid agencies.

Initiator of the Facilitator’s Studio

The Facilitator’s Studio is a place for  facilitators to try out new ideas, to test techniques, and to stretch themselves in a friendly and safe environment. The Studio is an event of the Belgian chapter of the International Association of Facilitators.

Inter-agency learning initiative

Two-year inter-agency learning initiative involving six Swiss Non-governmental-organisations. Dialogue interviews form the basis of the learning. Inter-active workshops are central in the learning process. more

Multi-stakeholder consultation

Development of a comprehensive handbook including the involvement of a worldwide learning community. MomoLogue prepares and implements the central dialogue event within the consultation process.

Inter-agency training scheme

Series of training workshops based on real-case action-learning for a network of aid agencies

Working with complexity

The client has set up a staff development strategy in the area of fragility and crisis management, comprising a wide range of specialised seminars. The series includes joint learning events and inter-agency workshops conducted in partnership with various bilateral and multilateral donor agencies.