Engaging talents into action

Case: HiCircular! offers an easy entry point to circular economy. HiCircular! uses challenges to engage employess and managers into action. Employees drive the sustainable transition.

Initiating communities of change agents

MomoLogue supports you in kick-starting new initiatives, working groups or consortia.

Case: ReflACTION initiative for experienced professionals and free thinkers with a heartfelt interest in the emerging future of international response to crises, promoting new ways of action with emphasis on initiatives led by people on the ground

Case: Inter-agency change initiative involving six Swiss Non-governmental-organisations. Dialogue interviews formed the basis while inter-active workshops were the central elements in the process.

Future orientation

MomoLogue can help you in strengthening your decisiveness in fast changing and complex environments

Case: Design of an annual retreat including an interactive 4D mapping in order to makes visible the current reality and future opportunities in a system.

Case: Support to a client who has set up a staff development strategy in the area of working in fast changing environments and crisis management, comprising a wide range of specialised seminars.

Strengthening leadership skills

MomoLogue offers further developing your collective leadership skills and awareness.

Case: Interactive learning events on how collective leadership brings innovative change to your team, organisation and life, including a real-life practical exercise

Case: Learning journeys for cross-organisational learning in change management and organisational development.

Design and facilitation of team seminars and inter-agency workshops

Support to staff working in complex-, mutli-stakeholder environments with the aim of jointly shaping future orientation, mutual understanding, joint context analysis and joint action

Case: Design and facilitation of joint strategy planning processes among EU institutions and EU Member States in Sudan, in DR Congo and in Mali.

Initiator of the Facilitator’s Studio

The Facilitator’s Studio is a place for  facilitators to try out new ideas, to test techniques, and to stretch themselves in a friendly and safe environment. The Studio is an event of the Belgian chapter of the International Association of Facilitators.