People-centered collaboration

People-centered collaboration

People as masters of their own destiny

People who are affected by crises know best about their situation and what it takes to improve it. They only really accept the solutions that they themselves have helped to create.

There are ways of working in crisis contexts that make it possible to respect these principles. The course offers access to this way of working, which differs from many current practices.


Course content

  • Basic assumptions about people living in crisis contexts
  • What is human-centred crisis response? What is community-led crisis response? What is it not?
  • Why do we need it? Does this approach really lead to better results?
  • Why is this not the way we always work? What framework conditions are needed?
  • Introduction to concrete approaches and methods
  • Identification of opportunities¬† to introduce the way of working in one’s own field of activity.
  • Finding quick fixes: small first steps that are worthwhile

Online or in person – 3 days – Lots of doing, little theory