MomoLogue co-initiated ReflACTION for the emerging future of international response to crises.

ReflACTION is an independent and open platform bringing together professionals with a heartfelt interest in the emerging future of international crisis response. We all share the conviction that people affected by 21st century’s crises deserve better ways of crisis response from the international community. Let´s make in the 21st century crisis response to a common social movement.

ReflACTION has formulated the following statement to guide our further actions:

We call for a truly collaborative response to crisis. Crisis affected people have capacities to respond to crises and we need to start emphasizing on those by actually listening and by taking decisions collaboratively.

We are well aware that our vision does imply a loss of control on behalf of Northern actors and we look forward to this. We are ready to let go as this change is urgent and without alternative.

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