MomoLogue is co-initiator of ReflACTION, an independent platform for professionals with a heartfelt interest in the future of crisis response. We all share the conviction that people affected by 21st century’s crises deserve better ways of crisis response:

We call for a truly collaborative response to crisis. Crisis affected people have capacities to respond to crises and we need to start emphasizing on those by actually listening and by taking decisions collaboratively.

Anything without us is not for us”

ReflACTION applies and promotes concrete ways of working that keep people affected by crisis in the driver’s seat of their response. ReflACTION offers action-oriented reflection and connects individuals as catalysts for change. ReflACTION actively promotes new approaches and facilitates their application in crisis contexts. ReflACTION helps in learning and undertakes research and advocacy work.

ReflACTION is promoting listening-based approaches and methods.

Participatory Video is such a tool. People jointly make a film to visualise and discuss an issue that is currently important for them.

The aim is to learn about the realities of people without a filter. Film provides added value and makes a significant difference in the relationship between those involved in the film making process.

Check out more films on the ReflACTION Youtube Channel

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