Leading from the emerging Future
with the Art of Facilitation

This highly interactive course is for those who want to gain essential insights into leading a change dynamic in a team, in an organisation or in a network. It is for those who for this purpose want to acquire or improve their facilitation techniques, learn tips and tricks and apply them right away. You will

  • understand the individual and collective potential forchange and co-creation
  • experience tools for facilitating co-creative change that enable people to contribute their diverse knowledge and skills
  • clarify your own role in transformational leadership and collective endeavours
  • integrate these insights into your work environment through concrete strategies

See further details here from a training named

“Facilitating Change in Times of Uncertainty”




“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s th only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


MomoLogue commits to building a regenerative leadership culture that is fit for the future.

We are offering training opportunities for practicing to truly connect to community purpose

and lead collectively.

NEXT TRAINING: Once 10 participants expressed interest we will find a date that suits all.

A learning journey that gives you the opportunity to deepen your skills in organising groups inclusively for well-being for all. If you are an initiator, team leader, network coordinator, facilitator or similar, and if around you, you see the need for real co-creation, this training is meant for you!

Building on our training offers of the last years, the first offer of the Emerging Future Collective is a 3-day interactive learning event. Here you can experience to lead collectively for lasting results that are deeply rooted in community purpose. Our training method includes little theory and a lot of practice and experiencing.

In this training you can experience the fundamental principles and values of regenerative leadership culture, a leadership that is aware of the cycles of regeneration of all parts of the system and aligns them in a rhythm that empowers the whole. Regenerative leadership integrates systems thinking, change through perception and meticulous process design.

You will get the chance for transformative learning through concretely reflecting on your own current practice and position. At the end of the training you will have discovered new perspectives on your leadership potential and you will have strengthened your Being as a leader and facilitator. You will have learned essential frameworks and will be equipped with practical tools and lots of resources for strong community building and for leading collectively with your team.

Programme Regenerative Leadership Training

Further training options upon request:

  • The Art of Faciitation
  • Persencing and Theory U
  • Non-violent communication

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