Registration and cost contribution

The Emerging Future Collective operates in the gift economy (details below).

Step 1 Please fill in the Registration Form including a pledge of the amount you wish to transfer to reserve your place in the training.

Step 2 Please pay until June 24th a deposit of 350€ plus 21% VAT (423,50€) covering fixed costs to reserve your seat. Purchase your registration ticket via Open Collective or just do a bank transfer to Momologue SPRL FS    IBAN: BE26363122723329    BIC: BBRUBEBB

Step 3 Conscious contribution collection at the end of the training based on your appreciation, your financial capacity and your willingness to support this work to continue.


If you prefer to simply pay a fixed fee from the start, rather than stepping into the gift economy process, you are welcome to choose any amount between 630-1200€ (+21%VAT).

It is our intent to make this training available to anyone regardless of the financial means. If you need more clarity about the amount that would work for us please contact us:


Cost Contribution Model

We invite you to step into the gift economy with us. EFC operates in the gift economy in order to provide our offers in a way that is accessible to all. Practicing gift economy is an art-form and part of our commitment to learning to create a world that is life-sustaining for all. This means we invite every person to contribute to the sustainability of this learning journey in accordance with their capacities and needs. Instead of being requested to give a certain amount of money.

Contribution to fixed costs: The offered learning journey involves external costs, which need to be covered beforehand. Our fixed costs are: The venue, the training materials, the organic snacks, fairtrade coffee and tea and many small goodies that we provide throughout the training. Lunch meals will be organised individually or collectively in addition to these fixed costs. For this purpose we collect money for registration.

Conscious contribution collection: At the end of the training all participants will have the opportunity to contribute financially based on a combination of your appreciation of the training, your financial capacity and your willingness to support this work to continue. This can be done in cash or with a pledge and later transfer. We would like to make it clear that contributions toward the sustainability of the Emerging Future Collective are in addition to and separate from the fixed costs (such as venue).